Securing with resilience.

Devising groundbreaking business paradigms with well-crafted tech


Devising groundbreaking business paradigms with well-crafted tech


We deliver every API penetration test with a contractual zero SLA. If there false positive in your API penetration testing report, you get the money back. Detect all vectors of privilege escalation, authentication bypass, improper access control, and other sophisticated business logic vulnerabilities in your APIs, both in a cloud environment and on premise.

Benefits of PEN testing

Determine if your app is secure from attackers.

Identify and fix vulnerabilities in your app.

Get a comprehensive report on the security of your app.

Protect your users and their data.

Cyber design, monitoring and governance

Our cybersecurity approach harnessess a Risk-Based and Threat-Aware Application Testing, helping over 1,000 customers around the world to test, secure and protect their web and mobile applications, cloud network and infrastructure.

Architecture, design, and threat modeling

Understanding the architecture of mobile app while performing mobile app penetration testing.

Network communication

Focus on network communication which includes testing how the data travels over networks.

Data storage and privacy

Creating transit encryption and storage assurances of confidentiality in data security.

Test, Validate & Report

Effective test and reporting lays the foundation of creating gap remediation and escalation processes.

The most cost-effective way for API Testing.

Test your microservices and APIs for SANS Top 25 and OWASP API Security Top 10 vulnerabilities with our penetration testing capabilities. Just upload your API schema in a Postman, Swagger, GraphQL or another format, customize your API security testing requirements, schedule the penetration test date and get your pentest report. The API penetration testing is accessible around the clock 365 days a year.

Trust us with your project

Why choose us for blockchain development

Experts on blockchain and business

Aetsoft has been developing custom blockchain solutions for a global client base long enough to know that you need blockchain experts who understand business, not just code.

Focus on you

We start with what you need, then identify the right tools. You’re welcome at meetings, you’ll get regular reports, and your feedback is vitally important. We build solutions for your business.

Deep development skillbase

With a team of expert developers bringing skills and experience in specific blockchain-relevant techniques, Aetsoft delivers best-in-class solutions across codebases, blockchains, and libraries.

We’re still learning, too

Your business doesn’t stand still. Neither do we. We’re constantly improving our skills and understanding to deliver cutting-edge advice and services for you.

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