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Mobile PEN test

Test your mobile application security, compliance and privacy with our penetration testing capabilities. We upload your iOS or Android app, customise your penetration testing requirements, schedule the penetration test date and provide your mobile penetration test report. We also verify if your mobile app’s privacy and encryption mechanisms conform to the industry best practices, as well as detect dangerous misconfigurations affecting your mobile app’s backend and APIs.

Benefits of PEN Test

Determine if your app is secure from attackers.

Get a comprehensive report on the security of your app.

Protect your users and their data.

Identify and fix vulnerabilities in your mobile app.

Cyber design, monitoring and governance

Our cybersecurity approach harnessess a Risk-Based and Threat-Aware Application Testing, helping over 1,000 customers around the world to test, secure and protect their web and mobile applications, cloud network and infrastructure.

Architecture, design, and threat modeling

Understanding the architecture of the mobile app while performing mobile app penetration testing.

Network communication

Focus on network communication which includes testing how the data travels over networks.

Data storage and privacy

Creating transit encryption and storage assurances of confidentiality in data security.

Test, Validate & Report

Effective test and reporting lays the foundation for creating gap remediation and escalation processes.

How does penetration testing help secure a mobile app?

Mobile penetration testing tests mobile applications/software/mobile operating systems for security vulnerabilities by using either manual or automated techniques to analyse the application. These techniques are used to identify security flaws that may occur in the mobile application. The purpose of penetration testing is to ensure that the mobile application is not vulnerable to attacks.

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