Securing with resilience.

Devising groundbreaking business paradigms with well-crafted tech


Devising groundbreaking business paradigms with well-crafted tech

Attack Surface Management

Detect leaked source code, container images or system snapshots available in third-party repositories. Visualize the geographical areas and countries where your data is physically stored for the compliance and data localization purposes.

Benefits of Mobile Application Penetration

Determine if your app is secure from attackers.

Identify and fix vulnerabilities in your app.

Get a comprehensive report on the security of your app.

Protect your users and their data.

Proactive dark web threat detection with Flare

Identify Leaked

Automatically scan the dark, deep, and clear web for leaked or stolen account credentials.

Detect Targeted

Flare generates real-time alerts if your company or assets are mentioned on the dark, deep, or clear web.

API driven

Leverage our API to synchronise ASM data flow directly with your SIEM or other internal systems.

Our attack surface management solution is provided at a fixed monthly price per company regardless of the number of your IT assets, security events or incidents you have.

The most cost effective Attack Surface Management solution

Find outdated or vulnerable software, expiring domains and SSL certificates, exposed or misconfigured systems, forgotten servers and shadow IT infrastructure including shadow cloud.

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Deploy globally, at scale.

Deep technical expertise

Our industry agnostic approach towards solving technical objectives span over 25 years of in house expertise, allowing you to leapfrog with our research and development for faster delivery.

Hyper focused on your growth

We are a team comprised of diverse backgrounds and we value creative thinking. We're passionate about coming together as one to solve technology challenges at any scale.

Engineering first approach

Our entire leadership and founding team is comprised of software engineers and technical specialty, allowing us to build robust software applications at scale.

Learning is our top prirority

We're always looking for fresh new ways to build the very best technology, as we invest in abundance of professional growth and learning resources for all our engineers.

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