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Huang Renxun released new products in almost every piece of business, and this article provides a summary of the products released last night to see how deep lying “black technology” is for companies that are at the forefront of the tech world.

NVIDIA Mellanox ConnectX-6 Lx SmartNIC

  • Industry’s first SmartNIC optimized for 25Gb networks -it has a dual 25Gb/s interface, pcIe 3.0/4.0 x8, hardware trust root (Hardware Root of Trust), GPUDirect RDMA acceleration, and Mellanox’s software stack.


  • A GPU-accelerated application framework called Jarvis that allows companies to use video and voice data to build state-of-the-art AI conversation services
  • Developers to create, deploy, and run end-to-end, real-time AI conversation applications that can understand even the unique industry terminology used by each company and its customers because of customisation.

Jetson Xavier NX Developer Suite

  • Provides server-level performance and has a big stage in embedded edge computing.
  • NVIDIA’s Jetson platform supports this type of embedded AI computing module, and the developer suite is based on the NVIDIA CUDA-X accelerated computing stack and Jetpack SDK, combining reference models with carriers in a complete Linux software development environment.

EGX A100, EGX Jetson Xavier NX

  • The cloud-native architecture of the EGX Edge AI platform allows it to run containerized software to support a range of GPU-accelerated workloads.
  • The platform, which is used in hospitals, stores, farms, and factories to handle massive data streams in real time, transforms standard servers into a small, cloud-native, secure AI data center.

Orin Chip and Self Driving

  • One of the top platforms, consisting of two Orin chips plus two Ampere GPUs, can provide 2000TOPS power, enough to support the fully self-driving robotaxi, a level of self-driving that has reached the L5.

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