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MSFT Build 2020

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Build is Microsoft's annual developer conference. It typically lasts about four days and starts in May. The first day is live-streamed and features the most consumer-facing announcements, while the other days are for developers and feature training sessions that can also be viewed online. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Build 2020 will be much different.

Here's a list of quick updates from this year's virtual Build conference;

Microsoft Teams

  • The platform has now surpassed 75 million users
  • Integration between Teams and Microsoft's Bookings app

"single scheduling experience" will enable users to manage multiple locations and departments and host everything from "candidate interviews and student office hours to financial consultations", said Jared Spataro, corporate vice president for Microsoft 365

  • Better chatbot creation, management, and customisable templates are coming. There will be templates for specific industries, such as banking and hospitals.

Microsoft Lists

  • Microsoft Lists will work across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Outlook
  • Templates for quick lists, colour formatting, and the ability to create alerts
  • Lists can also track issues, assets, routines, contacts, and inventory for companies

Project Reunion

  • Microsoft is unifying the Windows platform, allowing for seamless integration across both Win32 and UWP apps using Project Reunion.
  • Developers can create apps for the latest version of Windows 10 without worrying too much if it'll work on older versions because Microsoft will ensure compatibility.

Project Cortext

  • Project Cortex uses AI to automatically classify all of an organization's content into topics.
  • Forms a network of knowledge for your organisation’s data that can be easily accessed by employees for intelligence and productivity purposes.

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