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Food rocket will bring you groceries, fast.

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Food Rocket raises $2M investment round to bring your quick deliveries

An incresingly competitive landscape, Food Rocket has managed to find a product market fit that will allow them to service (Bay Area) with groceries in less than 15 minutes.

“The level of competition in this market in the U.S. is still manageable, which is why we have the opportunity to become leaders in the sphere of fast delivery of basic products and household goods. We aim to replace brick-and-mortar supermarkets and to change consumers’ current habits in regards to grocery shopping.” - Vitaly Aleksandrov, CEO, and co-founder

Major players within the market

Amazon Fresh, DoorDash, GoPuff and InstaCart are major players that target similar services and it would be interesting to see how the current strategy for VItaly and his team will offer a unique proposation and would still manage to gain competitive advantage and market share in an increasingly crowded space.

Using the company’s mobile app, users can order fresh groceries, ready-to-eat meals and household goods that will be delivered within 10-15 minutes, says the startup, which will be servicing SoMa, South Park, Mission Bay, Japantown, Hayes Valley and other areas.

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