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Augment Reality takes a driving seat

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Augmented Reality will play a role in your windshield as Britain's startup raises Capital

Envisics, a 10-year-old British company, is quietly turning the heads up display into a wonderland of holographs, a three-dimensional projected image a la “Help me Obi Wan” or a posthumous Tupac performance at Coachella. Instead of a simple speedometer and some crude navigation arrows, Envisics promises a layer of augmented reality stretching from the hood to the horizon.

Founder and CEO Jamieson Christmas, who has a Ph.D. in holography from Cambridge University, says the venture has been a lifelong dream that started with a Star Wars fascination and progressed to a seminal deal with Jaguar Land Rover.

Most recently, Envisics landed a $50 million investment round led by General Motors’ venture capital unit and Hyundai Mobis, a giant South Korean tech supplier.

The deal, announced ahead of the virtual 2021 CES tech trade show, follows Envisics’ $50 million Series B funding round and news that its tech will be integrated in the upcoming Cadillac Lyriq electric vehicle.

“This is the first of those agreements,” he added, suggesting that Envisics has a much larger aim.

What that means, Christmas said, will be head-up displays with high resolution, wide color gamut and large images that can be overlaid upon reality. The technology can also project information at multiple distances simultaneously.

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