AI led PEN testing, dark web and attack surface monitoring.
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Artificial intelligence meets application security

"By 2020
100% of large enterprises will be asked to report to their board of directors on cybersecurity" - Gartner
Augmented with Artificial Intelligence, our cyber security delivers robust results.
Leveraging award-winning AI technology for one time and continuous testing.

Penetration testing made simple

Introducing the augmented AI led security and penetration testing capabilities for your applications.

We reduce the ambiguity in your testing, and provide you substantial remediation strategies to ensure your digital assets are protected from external threats.

Securing your applications, 24/7

Instant start and rapid delivery SLA, we provide tailored remediation for your application security.
Internal and External Web Apps

APIs and Web services

Open Source Security

Black & White Box testing

Attack simulations

Advanced Reconnaissance
Mobile App Audit

SANS Top 25 Full Coverage

OWASP Top 10 Full Coverage

PCI DSS and GDPR Compliance

CVE, CWE and CSSv3 Scores
Top Down view of external attack surface

PROD-safe vulnerability and compliance scanning

Proactive and timely reaction to security incidents
Covering all standards for your compliance needs, securing your applications.

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